Reinier FIFA 22: How to Complete the Silver Stars SBC – DBLTAP


Here's how to complete Reinier's Silver Stars SBC in FIFA 22.

Here’s how to complete Reinier’s Silver Stars SBC in FIFA 22. / Photo Courtesy of FUTBIN

EA has unveiled a new promotion in FIFA 22 called the Silver Stars series, featuring special silver items with gold-like upgrades. One of the players released this Friday was Dortmund’s Reinier Jesus Carvalho, who is available in FUT as an SBC.

Here’s how to complete Reinier’s Silver Stars SBC in FIFA 22.

4 New SBC Sets!

— FUTBIN (@FUTBIN) February 25, 2022

Reinier’s Silver Stars SBC requires just one squad segment to complete with the following requirements:

For around 25,000 coins, a silver card may sound crazy expensive. That’s true. However, the card doesn’t just have silver stats. Other than average passing, his 90 pace and 85 shooting are very good for a “silver,” and his dribbling is very well rounded as well. The only other downside besides the passing is his body type. He may feel a bit clunky with his high and average+ body type. Thankfully his dribbling is high enough to level that out and make him a solid addition to your silver teams. With more Silver players coming over the next few days, Reinier can be a great start to an elite Silver Stars squad.

Reinier’s Silver Stars SBC expires on Mar. 4.