Residents vote on referendum to sell administrative building to company that will build senior housing – News 12 Bronx

News 12 Staff

Oct 22, 2021, 1:08am

Updated on: Oct 22, 2021, 1:08am

Voters in the Hauppauge School District took to the polls Thursday for a referendum vote to sell an administrative building for millions of dollars.

The Whiporwil School was an elementary school that was closed 40 years ago but is still in use by the district.

Its future is now up to the voters. Voting yes on the referendum would sell the building to Beechwood Homes to build senior housing.

“It’s important to us,” says Hauppauge resident Patty Citro.

She and her husband have lived in the neighborhood for 42 years.

Citro voted no on the referendum, saying the building currently houses the central office that runs the district. She also says that two day care preschools, including special-education children, come there.

“The income just along from those preschools and the church that uses it on the weekend pays for running the building,” Citro says.

Steven Dubb, principal owner of the Beechwood Organization, says building and selling over 100 town homes for the 55-and-older community will benefit the school district and Hauppauge residents when it comes to taxes.

“The purchase price we’re going to pay to the district is $13 million, so it’s a $13 million windfall to the school district when we close,” Dubb says. “Then when we build the community, the community is going to throw off $1.6 million in tax revenue to the county, town and school district.”

The Town of Islip would have to rezone the property for the retirement community if the referendum goes through.