Retirement and nursing homes: 42 residents tested positive, no one seriously ill – RTL Today

The Covid-19 situation in Luxembourg’s retirement and nursing homes has calmed down substantially, particularly regarding severe courses of the disease and hospitalisations.

During a press briefing on Wednesday morning, Minister for Family Affairs Corinne Cahen announced that as of Tuesday evening, 42 residents of retirement or nursing homes have been tested positive for Covid-19. None of the affected individuals are seriously ill. Some have a slight fewer, a cold, or a sore throat. Most are asymptomatic.

These figures are evidence of the major impact of vaccines and booster shots, as epidemiologist Joël Mossong stressed. Severe courses of the disease have become “practically non-existent” among residents of retirement and nursing homes.

The mandatory rapid tests at the entrance of retirement and nursing homes are “rigorously applied”, according to Cahen.

Nevertheless, the Omicron variant is also spreading in this sector. At the beginning of the year, coronavirus cases increased by 180% compared to the previous peak almost 15 months ago. The number of hospitalisations and deaths, on the other hand, is far below the level of autumn 2020.

There are currently more cases among staff members than among residents of retirement and nursing homes. Employees often get infected at home. Neither the epidemiologist, nor the Minister were able to say how many workers are affected. There was also no mention of the sector’s vaccination rate during the press briefing, only the comment that the authorities just have figures related to staff members who live in Luxembourg. Mossong stated that 60% have already received their booster shot, adding that, compared to other sectors, this is a high percentage.

Meanwhile, there are currently 57 confirmed coronavirus cases among patients who are being treated at their homes.