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While it is important to plan your financial goals while you are working, it is equally important to plan for your retirement. While an average person retires at the age of 60-years, and with life expectancy higher now the next 20-30 years must be planned for in advance to lead a comfortable life.

Pratibha Girish, Founder of Finwise Personal Finance Solutions tells Zee Business’ Swati Raina important tips for financial planning post retirement.

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At least how many years of financial planning will ensure a comfortable retirement? What is the three-bucket strategy and how to invest in equity and debt funds and which categories to invest in?

She highlighted a common misconception among the senior citizens of playing it absolutely safe in terms of investments with no risks at all. While the longevity of life could lead to financial problems if one stays with the thought of sustaining with just the interest income. This is a biggest hurdle, she said.

Generally, people do not have enough corpus to maintain their lifestyles for next 20-30 years with these safe instruments.  

Girish endorses the bucket strategy to lead a comfortable life post the retirement period.

There is a 3-bucket strategy for retirement:

Bucket 1 – Expenses for the next 4 years. Investment options include Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCCC); Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY); Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP).

Bucket 2 – Expenses for 5-8 year. Investment options like hybrid fund, conservative equity.

Bucket 3 – Expenses after 8 years. Investment options include Flexi cap funds, large and mid cap funds.

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She said that the third bucket strategy should be applied if you want higher risks. However, this strategy comes with some risks, she added. Investments must be done with adequate thought and research, she further said adding that risk without due diligence will not yield high returns.

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