Sage Generation Offers Unique Housing Opportunities – by Brooke Gilmore – The Ark Valley Voice

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As many know, the county is in the midst of a growing housing shortage that impacts people of all walks of life. Sage Generation was founded in November 2015 in response to the growing need for senior resources in Chaffee County.

Statistics bear out this fact: Chaffee is a popular location where many want to grow old, and our population bears that out. But to remain independent while aging, can require some support resources. The management of Sage Generation believes the focus on senior resources and housing should be toward “thriving”. The program has been implemented is in local neighborhoods, focused on individual choice and autonomy, and valuing quality of life over cost savings and efficiency.

The mission of Sage Generation is to provide resources so that seniors can thrive in the living situation of their choice. They offer two flagship programs; the Advanced Care Planning Project and the Home Share Program with the Senior Living Campus coming soon.

The Advanced Care Planning (ACP) Project

The Advanced Care Planning (ACP) Project  is about engaging in conversations and documenting wishes for end-of-life care. While most people understand how they want to live their life and how they want to die, according to Sage Generation, less than 30 percent have put their wishes into writing or communicated with loved ones about what they want.

matthew bennett 78hTqvjYMS4 unsplash

Image by Matthew Bennett. Courtesy of unsplash.

ACP provides workshops, resources and conversation sites to help people talk about and document the care they do and don’t want for their end of life.

Sage Generation is a proud partner of The Conversation Project, funded by the Colorado Health Foundation. Those interested are asked to contact them to schedule a workshop or receive additional information. They also offer resources for those eager to start the process on their website. 

The Home Share Program

The Home Share Program supports seniors who want to stay in their homes by partnering them with a potential housemate in an arrangement of their choice. This program offers a straight rent-to-service exchange or a combination of the two. The program is based on the best practice models of HomeShare Vermont and ALA in Southern California.

While the emphasis is on the assistance that might help support the elderly home-owner, in today’s critical workforce housing shortage, the added benefit may well be to provide much-needed housing for a member of the Chaffee County workforce.

Home sharing is not having a live-in nurse. It is having another person in the home who might provide any of the following:

  • Companionship
  • Someone being there just in case
  • Sharing space and an occasional meal
  • Running errands or doing grocery shopping
  • Taking on heavier household and yard chores
  • Driving to doctor appointments or meetings
  • Help with pets

To learn more about Sage Generations and the programs they offer, click here.