San Ramon: City Council, Planning Commission set for special housing workshop –

Officials also to review proposed 404-unit City Village development project

by Ryan J. Degan / Danville San Ramon

Uploaded: Sun, Jul 4, 2021, 3:47 pm

The San Ramon City Council and Planning Commission have scheduled a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss the affordable housing shortfall in California and how state legislation may lead to sharp increases in local residential developments.

Specifically, during an informational study session, city officials will review the city’s General Plan as well as its Housing Element update, while seeking to plan for an estimated 5,111 new homes the city will be expected to approve in the next regional housing needs assessment (RHNA) cycle.

“This joint City Council and Planning study session provides a brief overview of several policy highlights that will be reviewed and considered over the course of the Update. One major component of the Update process will be how to satisfy the city’s RHNA for each income category,” senior planner Cindy Yee said in a staff report.

“Given the over 250% increase in San Ramon’s unit allocation, planning for potential housing sites will be a major challenge and could result in land-use changes to meet the final RHNA,” Yee added.

In May 2021, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Executive Board approved a draft allocation of 5,111 units for San Ramon’s next Housing Element update. The current draft allocation will be subject to an appeal process through the fall of 2021, with the final numbers expected to be adopted near the end of the year.

Of those 5,111 units, 1,497 have been designated for very-low income residents, 862 for low income, 767 for moderate income and 1,985 for above-moderate income residents.

City staff say housing density limits and a more vertical construction pattern will be necessary in order to accommodate the new housing units.

“The constraints of being substantially built out and limited by an urban growth boundary requires that the City look to maximized existing housing opportunity sites (HOS) as well as opportunities for redevelopment. Further, given the limited number of available HOS in San Ramon, it will be necessary to use an increased density strategy and look to a more vertical construction pattern,” Yee said.

The San Ramon City Council and Planning Commission workshop is set to be held virtually at 5 p.m. on Tuesday (July 6). Interested residents can view the meeting on the city’s YouTube page or via Zoom using webinar ID 974 2140 5432.

In other business

Keeping in line with housing issues, council and commission members are also scheduled to hear a report on the proposed City Village project, which would create a new residential community with 401 for-sale units on a 31-acre project site within the Bishop Ranch office park.

An informational meeting with no official decisions expected to be made, the proposal includes 114 detached row homes, 154 detached courtyard and 136 townhomes developed at 18.5 dwelling units per acre and a two-acre park site.

The creation of the project would also require the demolition of three existing office buildings converting approximately 564,000 square feet that were constructed in the mid-1980s.