Seeing The Silver Lining – Escalon Times

At this age, some wishes in my early years should forever remain an unfulfilled dream of my past. Wearing a leather mini-skirt is a fading wish of times gone by. Now that leather mini-skirt just seems so hot and I don’t mean in a good way. I have always envied great singers and dancers. I can carry a tune and dance to a beat just to have a fun time when we go out. But, “Dancing with the Stars” will not ever be in my future!

Being good at sports was never to be a dream fulfilled. My Dad was a coach and would have been thrilled if I played any sport. Even though I never excelled in sports, I have always envied people who do. Unfortunately, to this day, my kids argue over who has to have me on their team during family competitions … whatever! We all have regrets over missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. But what makes me happy now is so different from what I had hoped for all those years ago. So I wonder if any part of those missed opportunities were really ever meant for me. I have learned that instead of regretting what I didn’t do, I am now excited about new adventures in my life to find out what I can do.

I kayak and love it. We freely dance all of the time and enjoy every minute. I don’t wear a leather mini-skirt, and to this I say, you are welcome. In this new chapter of my life, my choices now help me to show who I really am. I don’t look back on my life and see a sea of lost dreams meant to make me gloriously happy. I now envision a new life that I am eager to grab by the coat tails. Stepping away from what is expected of me has helped to create a person that even I didn’t realize was there. I am determined in these so-called Senior years of my life to get the most out of anything that comes my way. Also, I will always choose happiness, I hope all Seniors do!

Tina Jensen contributes monthly columns and is a member of the “Escalon Fun Bunch” which is a group for Escalon Seniors. If you are interested, join in their monthly social events and additional programs. After the isolation of the past year, we can all use some great conversation and entertainment. Contact: Ann Shaddix 209-505-7854 or