Senior apartments at Indian Lake dealing with no air conditioning –

RUSSELLS POINT — Indian Lake Villa, a senior living community at Indian Lake has been dealing with a situation where some of their units are without heat or air conditioning.

A storm went through at the end of March and caused a power surge affecting several of the Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners units. Managers are awaiting a shipment of 32 new units that were supposed to arrive on Monday from Texas.

Two PTAC units that were able to be sourced locally were already installed by a local contractor.

When the storm hit, residents were offered housing at nearby motels and that offer still stands today.

For those who stayed, fans were brought in to circulate the air from common areas that weren’t affected.

“The overall feeling with residents right now is they’re not upset with us, because we’ve been communicating with them weekly,” said Todd Hutchins, director of public relations for National Church Residences. “They know this is what’s going on. They’ve seen the workers come in and come out there where the issues and the problems as far as us getting the PTAC units. They’re not upset with us — more agitated.”

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