Senior Care Professionals’ Definitive List of Social Media Holidays –

Have you celebrated today?

If you haven’t, we’re about to open your marketing eyes to a whole world of wacky and bizarre national holidays. From World Mosquito Day to Count Your Buttons Day, there’s something to observe every single day. 

We’re not joking with you either—that’s reserved for Tell a Joke Day on August 16. 

Senior care professionals no longer have to be confined to the typical Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or Independence Day celebrations of the world. So bring on the extra opportunities for themed networkings, unique social media pushes and more! 

But before we do, it’s good to note that the key to productively celebrating these holidays is staying aligned with your brand’s messaging. When creating these #SocialMediaHoliday posts, make sure to incorporate your brand’s voice, stories and character. Keeping these posts unique to your brand will help your holiday posts stand out.

We’ve pulled together a list of popular social media holidays for the senior care industry coupled with ideas to spark your creativity for unique social posts and event ideas! 

January Social Media Holidays

Vision Board Day (Second Saturday in January)

Is your company in the midst of opening or revamping a senior care community, skilled nursing facility or eldercare-related business? Share a vision board with the designs, plans, fonts and/or colors of the new or updated plans of the space with #VisionBoardDay.

Clean Off Your Desk Day (Second Monday in January)

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, share tips on how you’re tidying up your space with #CleanOffYourDeskDay. A clear desk = a clear mind!

February Social Media Holidays

Women Physicians Day (February 3)

Spotlight the women physicians you work with and share some of their accomplishments. #NationalWomenPhysiciansDay

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Staff Education Week (February 14-21)

Emphasize the new techniques and approaches your memory care staff is utilizing for their Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. #AlzheimersDementiaCareEducationWeek

Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17)

Emphasize the random acts of kindness that are shared across your office using #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

Caregivers Day (Third Friday in February)

Highlight the professional caregivers in your organization. Share caregiving tips, memories and stories that are unique to your staff using #NationalCaregiversDay.

National Margarita Day (February 22)

Host a margarita themed event for your residents or a networking event for fellow senior care colleagues. On social media make sure to post photos/videos using #NationalMargaritaDay.

March Social Media Holidays

National Social Work Month (March)

Thank the social workers you work with, and don’t forget to use #NationalProfessionSocialWorkMonth. 

National Employee Appreciation Day (First Friday in March)

Treat your employees to Starbucks gift cards and treats. Then highlight these special individuals on your Facebook using #EmployeeAppreciationDay.

National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day (March 11)

Honor them using #FuneralDirectorMorticianRecognition.

National Write Down Your Story Day (March 14)

Storytelling is such an important aspect of brand marketing. Share the meaningful and unique tale that started it all using #WriteYourStoryDay

National Certified Nurses Day (March 19)

Show your appreciation for nurses using #NationalCertifiedNursesDay.

National Physicians Week (March 25-31) 

Highlight the physicians at your hospital using #NationalPhysiciansWeek and #PWT (Physicians Working Together).

National Doctors Day (March 30)

Create a collage of the doctors that work at your facility and share it over social media using #NationalDoctorsDay.

April Social Media Holidays

National Parkinson’s Awareness Month (April)

Host a Parkinson’s awareness educational event for caregivers and their families. When promoting the event, use #Parkinson’sAwarenessMonth.

Occupational Therapy Month (April)

Spotlight the occupational therapists in your senior care circle using #OTMonth or #OccupationalTherapyMonth

Stress Awareness Month (April)

Share a stress relieving tip every Monday in April on Instagram using #NationalStressAwarenessMonth or #StressAwarenessMonth.

National Beer Day (April 7)

Host a senior care professionals social promoting a local brewery’s beer. Promote the event on social media using #NationalBeerDay and encourage individuals to share their favorite beer. 

National Gardening Day (April 14)

Include gardening tips on your Instagram for fellow gardeners using #NationalGardeningDay.

National High Five Day (Third Thursday in April)

Give a shoutout to a fellow senior care company using #NationalHighFiveDay

May Social Media Holidays

Older Americans Month (May)

Celebrate older adults and those that support them using #OlderAmericansMonth.

National Military Appreciation Month (May)

Highlight the military personnel that have served the country using #MilitaryAppreciationMonth. Gather any photos from their service and post them on social media honoring their sacrifice. 

National Mental Health Awareness Month (May)

Mental health facilities, share tips and statistics every week in May to help spread positivity and mental health awareness. Use #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth.

Small Business Week (First Week in May)

Celebrate your business’ accomplishments using #SmallBusinessWeek.

National Hospital Week (First Full Week of May)

Share this helpful article on choosing a hospital with your audience. Use #HospitalWeek.

National Nurses Week (May 6-12)

Post on your Story every day saying thanks to nurses and use #NationalNursesWeek.

National Nurses Day (May 6)

Show your appreciation for nurses using #NationalNursesDay.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day (Last Wednesday in May)

Share a fun workout like chair exercises for seniors using #SeniorHealthFitnessDay.

National Creativity Day (May 30)

Share a creative idea, quote or activity using #NationalCreativityDay.

June Social Media Holidays

National Nurse Assistants Week (Second Thursday of the Second Full Week in June)

Post on your Story every day saying thanks to nurse assistants and use #NursingAssistantsWeek.  

Social Media Day (June 30)

Us marketers need to have Social Media Day on our radars! For any posts use #SocialMediaDay.

July Social Media Holidays

National Pina Colada Day (July 10)

Host a luau networking or resident event with Hawaiian shirts, tiki torches, sunshine and pina coladas! Post photos following the event using #NationalPinaColadaDay.

Get to Know Your Customers Day (Third Thursday of Each Quarter)

Host an open house for your customers for them to get to know you and your fellow employees, as well as you get to know them. For individuals that arrive, include a special offer and incentive for them showing up. #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

Gorgeous Grandma Day (July 23)

Pamper the grandmas! Host an event for your residents and share photos on Facebook and Instagram of all the beautiful ladies and the day dedicated to them using #GorgeousGrandmaDay.

National Wine and Cheese Day (July 25)

Host a social for eldercare professionals where they can create their own charcuterie boards. Feature the boards on your Instagram and Facebook using #NationalWineAndCheeseDay, and encourage your following to vote for their favorite. The winner can leave with a bottle of wine. 

National Avocado Day (July 31)

Host a fiesta themed event with tacos, margaritas, and don’t forget guacamole! When promoting the event on social media, use #NationalAvocadoDay. 

August Social Media Holidays

National Tell a Joke Day (August 16)

Share a joke related to your business or the industry on Twitter using #TellAJokeDay.

National Nonprofit Day (August 17) 

Does your company work with any nonprofits? Spotlight these companies and share how they’ve impacted your business using #NationalNonprofitDay.

National Senior Citizens Day (August 21)

Share a helpful resource or fun event for seniors and use #SeniorCitizensDay.

National Grief Awareness Day (August 30)

Share tips on how to deal with the loss of a loved one using #GriefAwarenessDay. Include an infographic, a checklist or steps on understanding grief and how it can affect individuals. 

September Social Media Holidays

National Self-Care Awareness Month (September)

Promote self-care by sharing self-care tips, such as getting enough sleep, setting aside time for meditation and taking time to do what you love using #SelfCareAwarenessMonth. Go the extra mile and create a 30-day challenge for your following. 

National Assisted Living Week (Starts Grandparent’s Day)

Create a themed holiday for each day this week and promote the photos for each day on social media using #AssistedLivingWeek. Theme could be crazy sock day, superhero day, ice cream social day, ’70s day and more!

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week (Third Full Week in September)

Help recognize rehabilitation companies using #RehabilitationAwarenessWeek.

National Grandparent’s Day (Sunday after Labor Day)

Celebrate your residents by hosting an event for their families. Promote the event via social media using #NationalGrandparentsDay

National Coffee Day (September 29)

Host a networking breakfast for senior care colleagues. Use #NationalCoffeeDay when promoting the event flier in Facebook groups as well as when you post photos after the event.

October Social Media Holidays

Long-Term Care Planning Month (October)

Share with your following the importance of having a plan. Use #LongTermCarePlanningMonth and include any blog posts and articles that might help facilitate this conversation. 

National Make A Difference Day (Fourth Saturday in October)

How does your company make a difference in the world? Share your company’s mission using #MakeADifferenceDay.

November Social Media Holidays

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month (November)

Host an educational seminar weekly in November educating the public on Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. Share your event flier on Facebook using #AlzheimersDiseaseMonth

National Home Care & Hospice Month (November)

Recognize fellow home care and hospice providers using #HomeCareHospiceMonth.

National Long-Term Care Awareness Month (November)

Help raise awareness using #LongTermCareAwarenessMonth.

Small Business Saturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving)     

Support a local small business in your area by giving them a shoutout using #SmallBusinessSaturday.

National Day of Giving (Tuesday after Thanksgiving) 

Highlight local nonprofits who are making a difference in the senior care community using #GivingTuesday.

December Social Media Holidays

Christmas Card Day (December 9)

Encourage your social media following to send Christmas cards to your residents. Promote this initiative using #ChristmasCardDay.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (Third Friday in December)

Host an ugly Christmas sweater themed networking social. Promote the event flier via senior care Facebook groups and share photos on social media using #UglyChristmasSweaterDay.