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California, February 2022: Senior Strong releases an online guide highlighting senior care to curb social isolation. The article, published on Senior Strong’s website, was produced by the company’s healthcare and senior care experts. The guide was released to highlight the importance of companion care for seniors. The full guide can be found here.

CDC statistics suggest that social isolation increases the risk of dementia, depression, and anxiety by 50 percent. This raises serious concern among healthcare providers as nearly a quarter of seniors over 65 are socially isolated. Living alone increases the risk of loneliness among seniors- and healthy social interactions are crucial for them. This guide was designed to shed light on the importance of socialization for seniors as they age.

According to Senior Strong, their experts conducted in-depth research to compile the guide. The publication aimed to highlight the need for companionship for seniors by explaining the risks posed to them from loneliness and isolation. The guide explained the advantages of companion care for seniors who live alone and wish to age in their own homes.

Since the launch of their site, Senior Strong has provided its review and comparison services, online resources and detailed research, reviews, analyses, and guides to inform seniors and senior caregivers about all the tools and knowledge needed to make the right choices for themselves and their loved ones. The guide was published as part of their regular research on senior housing and care. For information on the right mattresses for seniors, readers can visit their page at

“Through this guide, we hope to help people understand the needs of their beloved elders and explain all the benefits and essential aspects of companion care for them. There are several types of care options for seniors, and we have tried to cover all the pertinent points in this publication,” said Founder and Senior Editor of Senior Strong, William Rivers. The senior care advisor aims to deliver helpful resources on improving senior living quality to aid seniors in living out their best lives.

In its effort to help improve senior care and help caregivers understand all the essentials of caring for their loved ones, Senior Strong offers advice, aids, and practical tips on senior care, services, senior home care products, equipment, and assistive devices. It also features packages, benefits, events, activities, and discounts available exclusively for senior citizens. Its retirement planning section informs about insurance, legal, and estate matters.

“With our resources, we aim to provide better information on how seniors can enjoy living independently and safely in the comfort of their homes,” said Rivers. Readers can learn more about home accessibility equipment for seniors, such as lift chairs, by visiting their page:

Senior caregivers and family members looking for aids and resources to support their seniors can visit Senior Strong’s website.


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