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MANKATO, Minn. — A confrontation about missing gold teeth reportedly led to the shooting of a Mapleton man last month, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday.

Rashone Dionte Thurman, 34, of Coon Rapids, faces four felony charges related to assault and firearm possession in Blue Earth County District Court.

After the incident in Mapleton on Dec. 19, detectives interviewed the victim at a Rochester hospital on Dec. 28. The man told detectives he spent the night at a woman’s apartment Dec. 19 and had placed a gold grill, which he wore on his bottom teeth, on the floor next to a bed, according to the complaint.

The gold teeth were missing when he woke up the next morning. Two witnesses were with Thurman in the living room area, and Thurman denied taking anything.

When Thurman said he needed to leave, the alleged victim told him to stick around to help find it. The man then reported being shot twice by Thurman as he was turning to talk to one of the witnesses, followed by Thurman leaving the scene.

Mankato police arrested Thurman on Tuesday after matching his vehicle to descriptions from the Mapleton shooting. Thurman told detectives he went to the apartment to sell marijuana when a man he didn’t know came out of a bedroom upset about a missing grill.

The man was reportedly pacing back and forth, acting aggressively, and told Thurman and the two witnesses no one was leaving until they found his stuff.

Thurman dumped out a drawstring bag to show the man he didn’t have the grill, according to the complaint. A gun in his bag fell onto an inflatable mattress before Thurman picked it up and told the man he’d defend himself if needed.

Thurman alleged the man then rushed at him and the two got in a confrontation before Thurman pushed him away and fired at least two rounds from the gun. He said he ran out and didn’t contact law enforcement because he was scared, according to the complaint.

One of the witnesses stated she went into another room as the argument escalated. The other reported that an argument ensued, she heard three gunshots, and she turned to see the man lying on the floor and Thurman standing holding a gun.

The man was hospitalized and has since been released, authorities said.

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