Silver City MainStreet Receives Funding for Beautification Projects – KRWG

Silver City MainStreet received funding from the New Mexico Department of Tourism’s (NMTD) Clean and Beautiful Grant Program for three separate beautification projects.

The projects include new landscaping at the Murray Ryan Visitor Center that will include a bee, butterfly and bird garden, a streetscape improvement on Bullard Street, and a mural that will face the Main Street Plaza. “We are so grateful for this funding, states Evangeline Zamora, board president of Silver City MainStreet. These projects will contribute to making downtown Silver City attractive and welcoming for both residents and tourists.”

The Town of Silver City was one of fifty-three communities in the state to receive funding to develop and enhance beautification and recycling initiatives. Due to increased interest in the program, NMTD was able to support an additional 16 communities in FY22 compared to FY21. The $789,800 grant program budget for FY22 also represents a $11,100 increase from FY21. NMTD also saw a significant increase of grantee retention in FY22. Nearly 90 percent of FY21 grant recipients applied for the program in FY22, compared to a previous retention rate of 71 percent for FY21.

“One of the things we’ve seen during the pandemic is the incredible demand for outdoor experiences and engagement with public lands,” Cabinet Secretary Jen Paul Schroer said. “By increasing our investment in waste reduction and community beautification efforts through the Clean and Beautiful Grant Program, the Tourism Department continues to provide communities support to Keep New Mexico True.”

The Clean and Beautiful Grant Program funds projects and initiatives that contribute to the following established goals, as identified through Keep America Beautiful and the Litter Control and Beautification Act: end littering, reduce waste, beautify communities, empower youth, and increase program capacity. More information about this program is available on the NMTD website.

The mission of Silver City MainStreet is “To encourage a vibrant, historic downtown Silver City that is recognized as the heart of our diverse community.” Please visit our website, to learn more.