Silver Fern Sulu Fitzpatrick opens up about ‘overwhelming’ Covid battle – 1News

One of our top athletes has opened up about her ongoing battle to recover from the effects of Covid-19 in a bid to help people better understand the virus.

Silver Fern Sulu Fitzpatrick contracted the virus on last month’s tour of the UK, but now less than three weeks from the ANZ Premiership’s start, the Mystics captain’s still not back to full health.

“As soon as we landed [in New Zealand] I felt a bit off – headaches, body aches, sweats,” Fitzpatrick told 1News.

“I just assumed it was being old and I was recovering from the tour [but I] got the phone call on the third day.”

“It’s probably not the worst sickness I’ve had, but it’s had the longest impact.”

The impact has also been a mental one, with the mum of two admitting she struggled with isolation.

“A few tears, bit overwhelming,” she said.

“It was also probably knowing it was going to be longer before I got to see my kids.”

Sulu Fitzpatrick.

Sulu Fitzpatrick. (Source: Photosport)

On top of that, her physical progress since has been painfully slow as well, with limits set on her participation at trainings.

“I’ve always been quite a sickly person anyway so my lungs are taking a bit longer to recover so that in itself is quite hard for someone that’s very impatient.

“I’ve tried to push it a couple of times and my body didn’t thank me for it… a session that usually would be a light session felt like it was a full conditioning session afterwards.”

Despite the fatigue and light-headedness she’s currently experiencing, Fitzpatrick’s goal is to have a part – no matter how small – in the Mystics’ opening game next month.

Away from the court though, Fitzpatrick has had to face some other battles too.

“It’s quite emotionally heavy I’d say because there’s so much going on in and around it, so many views, it’s something that can really isolate and divide people so that in itself has been a struggle.”

With that in mind, Fitzpatrick hopes opening up about her experiences may add to those vital conversations.

“Looking too far ahead is overwhelming for me so I’m it day by day and making sure my children are protected and that I’m being truthful about my own experience so that people can feel comfortable to share theirs and not feel isolated or ashamed or anything like that.”