Silver Lining and GoDaddy Release Educational Series on Digital Growth –

The series features 8 interactive sessions with real small businesses, 10 GoDaddy experts, and over 40 comprehensive training videos.

The Internet, combined with the widespread use of mobile devices and, more recently, the impact of COVID on daily interactions, has transformed the situation for small businesses. Eighty-one percent of today’s consumers are steadily researching before buying online or in stores, and their online presence is more than an option. It is necessary and becoming an increasingly important factor in the success and growth of SMEs. However, according to a GoDaddy survey, according to Venture Forward, 50% of small businesses surveyed without a website say it’s too difficult or too expensive to get a website, while 77% say it’s on the web. We believe that owning a site will increase your revenue. With the need for digitalization, SMEs are increasing their technology challenges and others are struggling with limited resources. The good news is that digitization doesn’t have to be scary or complex.

To help small businesses digital quests, Silver Lining is working with GoDaddy to launch a special eight-part educational series to talk about digital growth. Joining Silver Lining CEO Carissa Reiniger and a group of talented SMBs, GoDaddy experts cleverly explain the most important factors that every small business must handle to succeed online. Have a fascinating and highly interactive experience.

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The series covers a wide range of topics, from evaluating your business to stay ahead of the competition, to providing compelling content and the perfect experience when building your website. From improving email marketing conversion rates and engagement to increasing traffic through search engine optimization. From website security to protect clients and websites to expanding social media reach and engagement.

Small businesses also have access to over 40 comprehensive and hands-on video training. This allows you to apply everything you’ve learned and bring your business online without any confusion or frustration.

“Small businesses need to put an end to online,” said Carissa Reiniger, CEO of Silver Lining. “According to Silver Lining’s SLAP ™ data, SMEs with an online presence and website are more likely to meet their financial goals. Having a digital presence and SME success rate. There is a clear correlation between them. “

In addition, in August 2021, Silver Lining will host a special interactive event featuring Godaddy’s CMO, Fara Howard. As they prepare for this wonderful educational session, they want to hear from small businesses. What if you could get insights, expertise, and knowledge directly from Fara and ask her one question?

They submit questions to all SMEs around the world for review.Selected SMEs will be contacted prior to the event and will receive an exclusive invitation to attend the event

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