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Gold Ingots are a useful metal in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, used for crafting various objects to benefit warfare and trade of venture. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game of many virtues that gamers all around the globe to this day cherish and treasure. Even though the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series came out years ago, there are things that still require a guide to improve the adventure in the cold or warm regions of Skyrim.

Crafting is an essential part of the gaming experience in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Numerous available metals create a variety of crafting options for the players to personalize their characters and abilities. Gold Ingot is a rare one of its kind, which can be obtained by mining, smelting, and forging, and in a nifty way, transmuting too. Due to the rarity of this metal, players might be interested in obtaining them among the other rare crafting ingredients found in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, to give their characters strong jewelry, such as rings and necklaces, for enchantment or commerce purposes. Some might even look for this metal to improve Konahrik’s Mask or complete a specific quest, asking a Gold Ingot.

Obtain Gold Ingots Through Mining & Smithing

When mastering smithing in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, players are able to craft and refine jewelry and weaponry, turning their Dragonborn into a strong opposing adversary. There are different ways a player may obtain Gold Ingots in the duration of their adventure. Gold Ingots are available in certain caves for mining, which later on can be turned into ingots via smelting. The locations that are most abundant for mining Gold Ore are the following:

  • Kolskeggr
  • Darkshade
  • Bthardamz
  • Blackreach

Among the listed locations, the most renowned one is Kolskeggr Mine, which is known for its abundance of Gold Veins. This gold mine is located east-northeast of Markarth, with a smelter and pickaxe available nearby for convenience. While other destinations might have a maximum of 3 to 4 Gold Veins, Kolskeggr has an overwhelming number of 17 Gold Veins available for mining and 4 Gold Ores available for looting, which replenish after 30 in-game days. The mine shall be protected and patrolled by the Forsworn, therefore the Dragonborn must be prepared for a fight in order to gain entry.

Other destinations in Skyrim are rare in Gold Veins for the Dragonborn to mine the Gold Ores from. However, there are several locations, where the player will encounter and loot Gold Ores available on surfaces of the furniture or hidden in treasure troves. The locations are:

  • Shrine of the Mehrunes Dagon
  • Shor’s Watchtower
  • Wreck of the Winter War
  • Pilgrim’s Trench

These listed locations have a minimum of 4 Gold Ores available for looting, with Mehrunes Dagon’s Shrine containing 16 Gold Ores, easily becoming a targeted location for the Dragonborn, who seeks this crafting ingredient. To enter the shrine, the Skyrim player must reach the end of the Mythic Dawn questline, called Pieces of the Past. To begin this quest, the Dragonborn must receive a museum pamphlet from a courier, which invites them to a newly opened museum in Dawnstar.

Following through the quest results in a visit to the shrine, allowing the player to enter it after making a challenging decision. Players shall find 16 Gold Ores once entering the shrine.

After the desired amount of Gold Ores are acquired through various means, they can be turned into Gold Ingots at any available smelter. 1 Gold Ingot consumes 2 Gold Ores, and sells at the price of 100 Septims.

Obtain Gold Ingots Through Transmuting

If uncovering Gold Ores & Ingots by traveling the beautiful land of Skyrim is not what some players are looking for, then there is a nifty way to obtain this desired metal by means of using the game’s system to the player’s advantage.

If the Dragonborn possess a powerful spell of Transmute (Alteration), then they are able to simply convert their existing mineral to another using only magicka. To convert an existent metal to Gold Ore, the Dragonborn must possess Silver Ore in their inventory. After casting the alteration spell, 88 points of magicka will be drained and a notification will inform the player that their Silver Ore has been removed, and Gold Ore has been added.

This may only happen once per in-game day, therefore, the player is able to convert one Silver Ore to Gold, pass the time with the resting option, and repeat the process. If the player has no Silver Ores available in their inventory, then the spell shall transmute their Iron Ore to Silver Ore first, and then to Gold Ore afterwards. To decrease the magicka cost of this spell, the player may use Fortify Alteration potion and decrease the cost by 25%. The available ores afterward can be transformed into ingots at a nearby smelter.

Transmute, also known as Transmute Mineral Ore, is an adept-level spell, which can either be purchased from the vendors or acquired in a Halted Stream Camp – a fortified bandit encampment in Whiterun Hold.

The interior of a camp withholds up to 8 bandits within a small space, therefore clearing the area out will only take countable minutes. Once the player progresses through the camp and defeats the chief bandit, standing next to a slain mammoth, the Transmute spell shall be available on the table left of him. The Transmute Mineral Ore tome is also next to various potions and the camp itself has many veins available for mining.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game for the people admiring peaceful atmospheres and fearsome adventures. Mastering crafting will allow players to further enhance their gaming experience and utilize the available options to the fullest. Gold Ore & Ingot can be used to craft either powerful jewelry or weaponry, or improve already existing ones.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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