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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – With rising temperatures, people living at Franciscan Villa in Springfield say it’s been a warm couple of weeks after lightning short-circuited the AC in the building.

Luckily we’ve seen unseasonably cool temperatures this year or the people here might have been concerned when they lost air conditioning in their rooms two weeks ago during a storm.

But, Wednesday it started getting hotter and people living at the assisted living home called KY3 hoping for some help. We spoke to one man who asked not to be named. He says he has been living uncomfortably for the past couple of weeks. He says no air conditioning in the building except community spaces and the office.

“We sign the lease in good faith, we maintain our apartments in good faith,” he says.

The AC has been out since around May 27. The management company confirmed there are issues with the AC but says part of it has been on. In a statement, a person with Sustainable Management says they are waiting for a part that’s on back order.

Their full statement reads:

“The building was hit by lightning several days ago and we have been working with our mechanical contractor, US Engineering, to determine the extent of the damage and order replacement parts. The lightning took down several controllers on the chiller so we have had to manually operate the system for several days. The parts were expedited but could not be delivered until early next week. US Engineering and our maintenance staff have been working diligently to keep the system running in the interim and repairing specific units as they are reported as not working at peak performance. US Engineering was onsite again today to bypass additional controllers that were found to be bad so as to increase output. We have fans and portable a/c units for tenants who have requested them and have been checking in with residents periodically to determine their needs. The a/c in the common areas is working and common areas are open for tenants to utilize. We appreciate our tenants’ patience during this time and always encourage them to reach out to property staff if needed.”

Wednesday morning, residents say they had to go buy their own fans. After KY3′s calls to the company, fans and free-standing air conditioners started to arrive.

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