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Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – March 3, 2022 – Tax and retirement experts Charles Bartman, David Bartman and Michael Canet have now released their latest book, Uncle Sam’s Retirement Plan: How to Protect Yourself from His Sucker Punch. The new book offers practical and reliable information on how American retirees can protect their savings from massive taxes that might sabotage their future. The book covers an array of topics and offers highly comprehensive financial tips that anyone can easily apply to their unique situation.


Uncle Sam’s Retirement Plan refers to taxes as a ‘sucker punch’ that can damage a retiree’s savings to the point where their financial future during retirement might be at serious risk. Introducing readers to the concept of proactive tax planning, the book takes a deep dive into many important financial strategies and tax planning techniques that American citizens must be aware of if they plan to live a stress-free retirement life. It uses ‘The Three Buckets’ approach to help readers understand different tax categories, and what it really means to be tax free. Furthermore, the book also shares an introduction to RMDs and why they are important for a safe investment plan, how to stay away from bad tax investment choices and all the other investment and tax related terminologies that readers need to be familiar with. The book is a magnum opus of knowledge that all three of the authors have gathered throughout their extensive careers.

Charles Bartman is the CEO, president, and founder of Senior Financial Center. He is highly proactive about helping American citizens achieve their financial goals through sound retirement planning. Not only does he help American retirement seekers drastically reduce their taxes, he spreads his knowledge further with his work as a writer. David Bartman is the Vice President of Senior Financial Center. With his main field of expertise being retirement planning, he helps his clients sustain and preserve their wealth so they can truly enjoy their retirement, while also leaving behind a strong legacy. Be it accumulation of assets, preserving them or distributing them, David makes sure his clients can minimize taxes at each and every step.

Michael Canet, JD, LLM, owner of Prostatis Financial, is an authority about taxes. With a master’s degree in taxation, he specializes in wealth protection and helps his clients keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. Together, the trio offers the best of what they know to help their readers plan a safe financial future. Charles Bartman, David Bartman, and Michael Canet are available for interviews.

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