The pandemic exposed the vulnerability of people in nursing homes, but the real danger is isolation –

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Car parade. A grandson who has a signboard waving from the outside. Spouse and children press their hands against the windowpane as if they were hugging a glass between their palms. These were scenes where nursing homes closed doors to outside visitors to protect residents from COVID-19, which is especially fatal to the elderly.

But even before the pandemic, long-term care residents could have faced imbalances. isolation From the surrounding community. Nursing homes throughout the United States tend to be in the following areas: Social connection There is a shortage, according to a new study by scientists at Bouvet Health Science University in Northeastern.

“It’s another piece of the puzzle of why we need nursing. House The population can feel really divorced from the outside community, and their friends and family may have a hard time visiting them, “said Becky Breezacher, associate professor and research vice-chairman of the pharmacy. Sachers. Northeastern Health Systems Science.

And this isolation has consequences, she says. Residents who have just entered a long-term care facility in a socially isolated area are at increased risk of death.

People entering the highest level neighborhood facilities Social isolation Was 17 percent High risk of death In the first 30 days than nursing homes in non-isolated areas, according to a team survey released Wednesday Journal of American Medical Association..

“We are really finding this over and over again Strong relationship Between social isolation and health, “Briesacher said. There is increasing research that “when people become lonely, they decline both mentally and physically.”

Briesacher used US census data to map social isolation across the country and compare that map to the location of long-term care facilities. The level of social isolation was determined by how high the proportion of the population in the area aged 65 and over was.

This emphasizes the importance of increasing nursing homes Social activities For residents of the facility, Briesacher says.

“This is not a trivial matter, the idea is to’entertain or keep them busy,’” she says. “This is the core of how to care for the very frail and vulnerable older people anyway, and this only pushes them to the limit.”

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Chanhyun Park et al, Association of Social Isolation and 30-Day Mortality in US Care Facilities, JAMA network open (2021). DOI: 10.1001 / jamanetworkopen.2021.13361

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The pandemic exposed the vulnerability of people in nursing homes, but the real danger is isolation Source link The pandemic exposed the vulnerability of people in nursing homes, but the real danger is isolation