Top Cryptocurrency News Today: The biggest moves in NFTs, Bitcoin, crypto rules and more –

Last Updated : February 11, 2022 / 09:08 AM IST

Top Cryptocurrency News Today: The biggest moves in NFTs, Bitcoin, crypto rules and more

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  • Market Buzz

    Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Markets ring in red as Bitcoin, Ethereum fall

    In rupee terms, Bitcoin fell 1.64 percent to trade at Rs 34,29,969, while Ethereum dipped 4.4 percent to Rs 2,42,883.Cardano fell 3.06 percent to Rs 90.54 and Avalanche tumbled 0.84 percent to Rs 7,100. Polkadot tumbled 5.25 percent to Rs 1,622.21 and Litecoin was down 4.3 percent to Rs 10,365 in the last 24 hours. Tether was up 0.79 percent to Rs 79.22. Memecoin SHIB fell 6.83 percent, while Dogecoin decreased by 4.52 percent to trade at Rs 12.02. Terra (LUNA) fell 6.16 percent to Rs 4,154.62.Read more here.

  • Web 3.0 Mania

    Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Sees ‘Incredible Amount of Developer Energy’ in Web3

    Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal spoke about Web3 on the Twitter Q4 earnings call, Agrawal’s first earnings call as CEO since he took over for the outgoing Jack Dorsey at the end of November. In response to a question submitted via Twitter, Agrawal said, “If you think about the broader crypto ecosystem, which includes cryptocurrency, DeFi projects, and all the decentralised technology and applications being built on top of the biggest blockchains, what you notice is this incredible amount of developer energy—developer energy which is interested in solving problems.” Read more here.

  • NFT Buzz

    YouTube Is Eyeing the ‘Incredible Potential’ of NFTs and Web3 for Future Products

    YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan published a blog post today about the company’s upcoming plans for new products and features in 2022, citing an interest in Web3, blockchain, and NFTs. In his post, Mohan mentioned some of the new features planned for YouTube creators this year, like “Channel Guidelines,” sorted comments for livestreams, and Super Chats (tips) for YouTube Shorts (which are YouTube’s version of Tik Tok). Mohan also hinted at future Web3 integrations, citing the potential for NFTs to “allow creators to build deeper relationships with their fans” and further monetize their YouTube content. Read here.

  • Regulatory Central

    Ransomware Payments in Bitcoin and Other Crypto Hit at Least $600M in 2021: Chainalysis

    According to a preview of the Chainalysis 2022 Crypto Crime Report, it’s identified $602 million in ransomware payouts for 2021, compared to $692 million for 2020. However, it believes the 2021 figure to be an “underestimate” given that it has revised its initial 2020 estimate upward by nearly 50%. According to Chainalysis, the Russian-based group Conti was easily the biggest ransomware strain last year in terms of revenue. Using a ransomware-as-a-service model (RaaS), Conti operators extorted over $180 million from their victims. Read more here.