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SuperBots, the sister company of UpBots and their upcoming launch of the fully decentralized trading service, Metaverse gaming, Supervillains and Superheroes NFT release promises a revolution in the crypto trading niche with the ‘pay only if you win’ approach.

Zug, Switzerland, Jan. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

UpBots, a premier crypto bot trading platform, has announced its transition into the world of Decentralized Finance with the launch of SuperBots. Superbots.finance is the first DEX trading bot platform which will also have its own metaverse game inside of The SandBox which will be played using NFT’s that are to be launched at the end of Q1 2022. The unique NFT’s will feature Superbots and Supervillians which will be hold a utility not online in the metaverse, but also have benefits for it’s’ holders, like exclusive vaults and much more.

SuperBots will provide a simplistic way for anyone to immediately begin trading crypto in the DeFi world. There are zero upfront fees or tokens to buy and performance fees are taken out and automatically converted into UBXT after a trade is completed. The platform has easy operations and it’s also user friendly for a pleasant experience.

Robert Hernandez, Chief Marketing Officer at UpBots commented on the news:

“This launch and transition into the DeFi space with adoption of the metaverse through our plans to build out in The SandBox, we will continue to drive growth and adoption to algo bot trading, via our two platforms; UpBots.com & SuperBots.Finance”

About UpBots

UpBots; an FTX backed project, is the premiere non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform which provides its users access to premium crypto trading bots. Their native utility token, UBXT, powers all transactions performed on the platform.

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About SuperBots:

SuperBots: fully decentralized and automated cryptocurrency trading platform which will provide a revolutionary experience allowing everyone to start trading immediately without the need of opening an account.

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Website: https://upbots.com/

CONTACT: Name: Magdalena Lesniowska Organization: UpBots Phone: +35699504768