Vaccine data show deep gap between nursing home residents and those who care for them | Coronavirus – New Orleans, Louisiana –

Residents of Louisiana’s Elderly Housing with Care are vaccinated with COVID-19 almost twice as often as care center staff, according to newly released data showing serious disparities within the facility.

Louisiana Health Department Published vaccination data It was first applied to individual facilities last week after the Medicare and Medicaid Service Center mandated that information be provided to long-term care facilities.

According to an analysis of 255 elderly housings that self-reported vaccine information last week, about 78% of Louisiana’s elderly housing residents are fully vaccinated, compared to an average of about 41% of workers. ..

A spokesman for the Louisiana Health Department, Mindy Fassian, said the department was aware of the difference, reflecting similar trends in other elderly homes across the country.

“It is very important that the staff at the nursing home make a blow decision to protect the residents they work with,” Fasian said. “And it’s not just the residents that they protect. It’s themselves, their families, and the larger communities around them.”

Meanwhile, state health officials say the majority of Louisiana’s elderly home residents are encouraged to be vaccinated: vaccines are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and its variants. Very effective in protecting people.

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There are more than 12 elderly housings with 100% of residents vaccinated, but at least 113 facilities are vaccinated with less than 80% of residents. The 80% threshold is roughly what healthcare professionals consider to be the level needed to achieve herd immunity and slow down a potential pandemic.

Twelve facilities have not yet fully vaccinated half of their residents, even months after the federal government spread nationwide to vaccinate people at long-term centers in early January. ..

According to the report, there are still two elderly housings in Shreveport, Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation and Laforche Parish’s South Laforche Nursing and Rehabilitation. One resident has not been completely vaccinated. Some of the 137 residents gathered at these centers have been vaccinated at least once.

Neither facility returned a message asking for comment.

The long-term care center was once the epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Louisiana. Many people were caught and scrambled flatfoot to collect the tests and protective equipment that were lacking in the early months of the pandemic and to take other steps to ensure the safety of the population.

By the end of May last year, at least 1,150 residents of Elderly Housing with Care had died. That’s a horrifying figure that has accounted for about 40% of the more than 2,800 COVID-19-related deaths to date at care centers in Louisiana.

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After a significant reduction in infections from the beginning of this year, federal health officials relaxed guidance on indoor visits this spring, opening indoor visits to all residents, regardless of their vaccination status. .. Since the house was closed by a pandemic last year, the most important changes have not led to a surge in cases.

According to state data, only four people have been tested positive for the new coronavirus in elderly housing with care over the past week, and no facility has had a double-digit outbreak since early March. It is shown.

Health experts and state officials attribute the decline in new infections to many elderly home residents who received the vaccine. They also say that the widespread availability of vaccines to the general public has reduced the risk of visitors and employees bringing the virus into the facility.

After months of quarantine, the inhabitants were likely to want to take pictures after seeing their neighbors become more severe.

“They have seen so many deaths in their community,” said Susan Hassig, an epidemiologist at Tulane University. “They heard the news that 40% of the deaths came from elderly housing with care. They are not stupid.”

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State health leaders and senior advocates have expressed concern about care worker hesitation in the past, as care workers often work closely with residents. There are also concerns about the threat of new versions of the new coronavirus, which can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine, and it is not yet known how Shot protects people.

Still, the average rate of staff in vaccinated geriatric homes is slightly higher than about 34% in Louisiana, aged 18-69, who are fully vaccinated.

Also, because the data do not distinguish between different types of care workers, Hasig may have higher immunization rates for direct care workers, for example, compared to kitchen workers and office workers in care facilities. I’m guessing that there is sex.

She said employees may be hesitant to vaccinate because residents and workers in Elderly Housing with Care were some of the first to qualify for the vaccine.

Like other people who are hesitant about vaccines, Hassig says that creating a way to keep the staff at Elderly Housing with Care and get their questions answered is one way to encourage them. Stated.

“People working in these environments are obviously caring for them because they are doing a lot of work,” she said. “It’s like feeding a child new vegetables.”

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