Vaccine requirement protests continue in Grand Junction – KKCO-TV

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Protests against COVID-19 vaccine requirements for health and assisted living facility employees continued on Monday in Grand Junction.

Protesters gathered at the intersection of Patterson Rd. and N. 7th St., right in front of St. Mary’s Hopsital. Drivers in support of the protesters honked their horns in agreement. Organizers are saying protests will continue for the entire week. Last week, numerous protests were held as well.

One nurse in attendance shared her thoughts on the issue. According to Margaret Tompkins, “I’ve been a nurse for seven years. I’ve been a CNA for nine years before that. I love my job, I love the medical field, but it’s time that the medical profession and everyone else to take a stand for what is right.”

Grand Junction hospitals have not responded to requests for comment on their vaccine policies, not just for the coronavirus, but more broadly as well.

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