Washington County Home will sell its homemade maple syrup for the first time – WTAP-TV

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) – After over a decade hiatus, the Washington County Home, a local assisted living facility, is making maple syrup again.

Ted Williams is the leader behind the whole operation.

You might not think of maple syrup when you think of assisted living facilities but it was once produced here annually.

“Well I thought it would be fun and it was for quite a while,” Williams said.

After about a 20 year streak, however, that came to an end.

“We just don’t have the young fellas that we used to have so we do have a couple residents that help out but that’s really not enough to keep things going,” Williams said.

But now, they’re back in business.

“It’s very simple. You take a drill and drill a bit and then you tap the tree and put the tap in and then you hang the bucket from the tap and put the lid on and syrup sap drips out…,”

This time – for the first time – they’ll be selling it to the public.

To make that clear sap that drips from the tree into the thick syrup we know, it’s taken to the Maple Sugar Shack to boil. And it takes 40 gallons of those drips to make one single gallon of the syrup you see in the store. While that may sound like a lot, Washington County Home has about 100 maple trees to tap from.

And the most satisfying part of the process?

“Eating it,” Williams answered.

The Washington County Home is reaching out for help from the public to staff this sweet mission. Depending on weather, production is scheduled to start on February 21st.

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