White House plans new eviction moratorium and a crypto scam bilked investors out of $11 million – MarketWatch

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White House planning targeted new eviction moratorium: reports

The previous eviction moratorium expired on Saturday, sparking outcries from liberal politicians and consumer advocates. Read More

This crypto scam bilked investors out of $11 million — and paid action star Steven Seagal to promote it

Prosecutors say the scam was one of as many as 20 similar crypto frauds run by a group of Serbian nationals that bilked investors out of as much as $70 million. Read More

Credit-card debt increased by $17 billion in 2Q as stimulus payments level off

Throughout the pandemic, credit-card debt was declining as consumers as a result of stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment benefits. Read More

Goldman Sachs is giving entry-level bankers a nearly 30% raise

Junior bankers at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are getting a big raise. Read More

Apartment rents increase as young workers head back to major cities

Apartment rents are rising fast, boosted by young professionals returning to cities and an expensive housing market that keeps many of them renting. Read More

Can better data protect students from predatory colleges? A new organization is on a mission to find out
My ‘shifty’ husband keeps our $3.5M property business in his name only. I don’t want to get kicked out if he should die

‘What if he decides to divorce me? How will I be protected? He tells me everything is just fine and those issues will never be a problem for me.’ Read More

Work from home troubles many companies. Here’s how to show the boss that you’re on the job from anywhere

Become a ‘business of one,’ says author of ‘Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work… Wherever You Are.’ Read More

Yes, you can still get electric vehicle tax credits — here’s a guide

If you’re considering an EV in part due to the tax breaks, don’t panic just because subsidies are no longer part of the infrastructure bill. Read More

What you can do if you absolutely have to buy a car in this pricey market

If you’re in a spot in which you really need a new car, the best thing is to wait. If you can’t, consider these options. Read More