Whitlock blasts ‘rush for racism gold’, as Big Tech seeks to run off patriots like miners did to Natives – Fox News

People mine for racism gold: Jason Whitlock

‘Fearless with Jason Whitlock’ host weighs in on the Colorado Rockies fan being accused of racism after calling out the name of the mascot to get his attention on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Sportswriter and commentator Jason Whitlock criticized what he called the increasingly prevalent “gold rush” in search of racism, akin to how miners rushed to California in 1849 when elemental gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill.

Whitlock told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that, like in the original gold rush, those folks who are rushing for “racism gold” are driving off American patriots the same way miners slaughtered Native Americans in the Pacific coast states.

He used the most recent example, the hasty false allegations made against an elderly Colorado Rockies fan that he was calling a Black Miami Marlins batter the n-word, rather than trying to loudly get the attention of the Rockies’ triceratops mascot, Dinger.

Whitlock told host Tucker Carlson that there was little remorse among social media critics, who were quick to condemn the unidentified fan, after it was concluded he was yelling “Dinger” at the purple dinosaur rather than the racist epithet at Marlins’ outfielder Lewis Brinson.

“Racism is now the new gold and people mine for racism gold the same way they mind for gold in the 1840s and 1850s,” he said.

“We have to understand that the miners, in this desperate rush to get rich – take Patrice Cullors, the founder of Black Lives Matter — she plays the racial game with Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, any other dead man that she thinks has been unjustly killed resisting arrest – and she’s now bought four homes across America,” he said.

Whitlock also called high-profile attorney Benjamin Crump another example of a prospector seeking – and finding – “racism gold”, pointing to how the lawyer is consistently the representative for the families of Black Americans killed by police.

“Ben Crump has made millions of dollars negotiating settlements for the families of criminals who resisted arrest. These guys are mining for that racism gold that’s out there and they are being rewarded for it,” he said.

However, Whitlock later added that while people like Crump and Cullors continue to enrich themselves, the true winners in the new “gold rush” are the Big Tech giants that he noted ironically reside in Northern California – where the original 49ers sought their fortunes.

“The people that are really benefiting are actually the people that are exploiting the miners, I believe, that’s social media, I believe that’s Twitter, I believe that’s Facebook,” he said. 

“These platforms promote traffic and push the values of people that love to play the racial game, love to do racial division, they are feasting off this racial division that they are promoting over Facebook and Twitter, and it’s no different than the gold rush.”


Whitlock said that, just as in 19th Century California, the 21st Century ‘gold miners’ meet a temporary fortune, while their exploiters make exponentially more money and wield influence for much longer.

“They’ve set up this game where everybody rushes out on a desperate hunt to find this racism gold and it’s not really scarce, but it’s just hard to find, and it’s hard — it’s costly to produce and point to it and say it contributes to systemic racism because that’s been changed by laws and rules,” he said.

“But this racism has a goal through social media, it’s making people wealthy and they are exploiting the rest of us.”

He said the victims, in the end, are Americans with traditional patriotic values, who believe in God and cherish the Founding Fathers. 

Just as in the 1849 gold rush, there were victims – in that case, Native Americans who were either driven out of their homelands or slaughtered by the new arrivals.


“And I’m trying to help people understand we are the victims of this. Those of us with traditional American values, those of us who believe in God, those of us who believe in the founding documents of this country,” Whitlock said. “When the 49ers came in in the 1800s in California, they ran off the indigenous people.”

“That’s what’s happening to us! We are allowing Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and the people in Northern California to destroy us and run this country away from us and we need to put a stop to it.”