YouTube Gold: Jay Bilas On Jon Scheyer Replacing Mike Krzyzewski – Duke Basketball Report

One of Coach K’s many contributions to basketball is Jay Bilas. A 1986 grad of Duke, Bilas coached briefly, then moved to ESPN where he became a highly respected broadcaster. Once you get past the egomaniacal alter ego that he likes to play with, Bilas is incredibly smart and provocative. He’s had an immense impact on the NCAA moving past the traditional definition of amateurism, among other things.

But for Duke fans, especially those who know how much Bilas loves Duke and how great his respect for Mike Krzyzewski is, it’s always been a bit amusing just how much he bends over backwards to be fair.

He’s right to do it and it’s appropriate, but if you think he’s watching Duke and UNC play and being neutral, think again. He is, you might say, a Duke guy.

Anyway, we thought this video was interesting because he talks a bit about Coach K’s longevity and brilliance and also about Jon Scheyer taking over. His take?

“I’m a believer.”

You can catch the whole thing here.