YouTube Gold: Syracuse Falls Apart Down The Stretch Against Miami – Duke Basketball Report

Duke’s loss to UNC Saturday was painful given the circumstances but other than your long-time coach retiring, essentially it was another game in a great rivalry: nothing to see here, move along.

Arguably Syracuse’s loss was worse.

Playing at home, in what would be the final Carrier Dome game for Cole Swider and Jim Boeheim’s boys Buddy and Jimmy, the Orange was up 72-65 with 1:10 left after young Buddy hit a free throw. Should be cruising home.

Then Kameron McGusty came down and hit a quick jumper in the lane. Still a five point lead with : 58.1 to go. Then Miami forced a jump ball and got it back with :52.3 left. Then McGusty hit another shot in the lane with 46.4 left to cut the lead to 72-69.

Wheels wobbling!

Then Joe Girard, under pressure, turned the ball over with :42.3 and Miami scored again on a tip-in with 29.7 to go as the agony and unease built.

Then Syracuse made a serious mistake and tossed the ball into Frank Anselem. We’re sure he’s a good guy and smart but his own coach has said “Frank just doesn’t get it” – and he didn’t as Miami tied the ball up again.

Fortunately this time the ‘ Cuse kept the ball. But on the inbounds, Cole Swider backed over halfcourt and turned his back on the defender and was stripped, right on the big ugly orange S with 16.5 left.

Charlie Moore was fouled as Syracuse players are visibly freaking out (so was Girard on his turnover). He missed on the first but it was tipped in by Jordan Miller.

Girard was in the lane and took a shot a little guy probably shouldn’t and missed. Miller was fouled and hit both to put Miami up 75-72 with 3.9 left.

Jimmy Boeheim got a three off as the clock was running out but it was an airball.

All in all, not a great senior day.